I, the parent/guardian of the registrant, a minor, agree that the registrant and I will abide by the rules of ORLANDO KIDS SPORTS, its affiliated organizations and sponsors. Recognizing the possibility of physical injury associated with dance or ballet and in consideration for ORLANDO KIDS SPORTS accepting the registrant for its programs and activities (Programs). I hereby release, discharge and/or otherwise indemnify ORLANDO KIDS SPORTS, its affiliated organizations and sponsors, their employees and associated personnel, including the registrant as a result of the registrant, participation in the Programs and/or being transported to or from the same, which transportation I hereby authorize. I further grant ORLANDO KIDS SPORTS Parties the right to use the student’s name, pictures and /or likeness in printed, broadcast and other material concerning the Programs provided such use is related to the student’s status as a participant in the Programs.


I give permission for my child, to participate in ORLANDO KIDS SPORTS. I assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation, and hereby release the Academy and its employees and agents from any and all liability arising from injury or injuries sustained by my child while participating in the academy and its activities. I also authorize the Academy to make decisions regarding and/or obtaining medical care for injuries and illness that affect my child. I further direct all medical or hospital facilities to accept this document as authorization to render emergency care to my child should it be deemed medically necessary. Responsibility for primary medical insurance coverage rests with the participant.

WAIVER & RELEASE (Agreement to Participate in ORLANDO KIDS SPORTS & After School Dance Program & Any location ORLANDO KIDS SPORTS provides dance or ballet training sessions)

I understand that dance classes may include, without limitation, dancing with props, stretching, barre work, across the floor combinations, dance routines in the center, and other related activities. I further understand that all of the activities of the dance class involve some degree of risk of strain or bodily injury. I have read the academy policies and agree to adhere to all the content stated therein including:

• Academy Policies;

• Tuition & Payment Information;

• Dress Code;

• Schedule.

I understand and agree that the Owner and the other instructors of Orlando Kids Sports and After School program will not be held liable or held responsible for:

• Lost belongs left in the class;

• Children who are unsupervised before or after class;

• Any injuries incurred by students while on the premises of Orlando Kids Sports and After School Programs.

I agree to be responsible for reading academy correspondence and respecting deadlines, if applicable. Please initial that you acknowledge the following:

I understand that tuition is due the 1st of each month. After the 10th of each month a $15 late fee will be charged. If full payment is not received by the end of the month the student will no longer be enrolled in the classes with an outstanding balance. If that class has a wait list, the student will be placed at the bottom of the wait list.

I agree to follow the Orlando Kids Sports and After School Programs dress code at all times.

I understand that there will be no refund or financial credit for any missed classes.

I certify that the registered students 1) possesses a sufficient degree of physical fitness to safely participate in dance or ballet 2) understands that he/she is to discontinue activity at any time he/she feels undue discomfort or stress, and 3) has indicated in the "Special Needs" section any health-related conditions that might affect his/her ability to exercise and he/she will verbally inform the ORLANDO KIDS SPORTS instructor immediately.

I have read the preceding information and it has been explained to me. I know, understand, and appreciate the risks associated with participation in this program and I am voluntarily participating the above-mentioned participant in the activity. In doing so, the above-mentioned participant is assuming all of the inherent risks of the activity . I further understand that in the event of a medical emergency, ORLANDO KIDS SPORTS will call EMS to render assistance and that I will be financially responsible for any expenses involved.

I acknowledge and agree that ORLANDO KIDS SPORTS has the right to take pictures of my child and use them on the company website ( and promotional material without compensation. Your child's name and identity will not be revealed. If you prefer not to photograph your child, let us know by e-mail.


Stay home if sick. If you or your child has felt unwell, or displayed signs of COVID-19, we ask that all household members stay home until they’ve been symptom-free without medication for at least 48 hours.


Please reach out to your site director for specific protocols in your area, or if you any questions about our health and safety measures. We’re all in this together!

The Registration System

I understand that this registration system is provided by ORLANDO KIDS SPORTS for my benefit sport I am registering for. I understand that ORLANDO KIDS SPORTS does not sell, rent, or share my information with anyone else. I also understand that ORLANDO KIDS SPORTS is not liable for the way this information is used by the organizers or any third-party that might get access to this information.


Credit Card Authorization Form

Parent/Guardian, this credit card authorization form enables you to make the payment securely and hassle free, ON AUTOPAY, for the above registered student to be able to participate in ORLANDO KIDS SPORTS activities.


Form will be automatically debited from credit card on file.

All cards will be charged on the last day of the previous MONTH (EX: FOR OCTOBER YOU WILL BE CHARGED SEPTEMBER 30TH).

You will receive an electronic receipt each month to email provided.

In order to cancel the registration and payment you must cancel it 2 days before the month ends(Through EMAIL); in order to not get charged for the next month. No refunds for late

NOTE: By signing this recurring credit card authorization form, you agree and authorize ORLANDO KIDS SPORTS to debit the declared amount every 1st of each month until the end of the season.